Roadmap building in CA PPM 15.4

Roadmap building in CA PPM 15.4


Wouldn’t it be great if PPM tools would allow you to use them as if you were standing in front of a whiteboard? Having a brainstorm session with your peers and drafting a list of future initiatives and placing them roughly on a timeline. Sizing the initiatives with as little as duration, costs, benefits and required capacity. But still have it saved online for a next session instead of saving it to your photo gallery on your cellphone.

By Roy Scholte

Portfolio Management tools can be complex and require extensive data entry before you can use it for planning and selection. Early in the product lifecycle organisations gather ideas for which high level estimations with a high degree of uncertainty are usually the norm. Why go through the trouble of creating projects including all the master data if all you need is a placeholder on a timeline? The new roadmapping functionality in CA PPM 15.4 provides you just that.

Portfolio Management Module CA PPM

The Portfolio Management module in CA PPM is very complete, but can be labor intensive and complex to keep track off. That’s why CA has created a new way of capturing the high-level product or project roadmap. Start with a roadmap before you even have to create an idea or project! The roadmap is a digital whiteboard in which you

  1. Click-drag-enter initiatives on a timeline
  2. Enter some high level data
  3. Identify stakeholders, target markets, investment types, or anything you have defined as mandatory to use in a roadmapping workshop


Build a roadmap in CA PPM from scratch

1. Define the roadmap name and duration to create a new ‘digital whiteboard’ 


2. Define the swimlanes and color coding you need to use in your roadmap definition. This is not a mandatory step and can be expanded later if you need to further detail out your high-level schedule.


3. Click-Drag-Drop a new initiative in its corresponding swimlane (target market in this example). Enter its name and as much or little metrics as needed for planning and comparison.


4. Initiatives will be color coded based on your settings. These may vary depending on the views you define for yourself. In this example the color is indicating the product line of the initiative.


5. You can identify dependencies and analyze your schedule in various views. Simply by choosing a different one from your dropdown list. Now that’s a smart whiteboard!


This new user-friendly roadmap for creating your roadmaps significantly reduces your admin time. You no longer need to create detailed projects for planning purposes and you can work completely disconnected from your running project portfolio. Want to analyze your running portfolio using this new functionality? You can! Simply import your running portfolio from CSV. In the next release, importing and synchronizing running initiatives will be available out-of-the-box.