Microsoft’s ecosystem: unlock portfolio potential

Microsoft’s ecosystem: unlock portfolio potential


Last week I visited the Microsoft Project and Portfolio (PPM) Partner summit in Prague. News was shared, visions were exposed, hands were shaken and a great wine-tour was taken. Afterwards, I took an Uber to my Airbnb while having a video chat with my friend about my new Amazon purchase. Took me less than 2min to get it done. Easy. Technologies’ potential seems to be unlimited, but it is us people that are the limiting factor more than ever.

By Theo Verkaart

Things are moving faster than we can consume. Technology is changing everything around us in a profound way and more than ever companies need to think about how to stay relevant. Business models designed to make sense of it all – like Porter’s 5 forces and Rogers’ diffusion of innovation - need to be updated or will become useless in today’s business environment. Technologies such as AI, Bots and NLP are changing the rules of the game. Want to be the cheapest, provide the best quality and have economies of scale advantages? You can. Network-based business models like Airbnb and Uber have created a value-based ecosystem which has changed the rules of the(ir) game.

To put this into context of Project and Portfolio management @Microsoft. My no. 1 take-away from the Microsoft partner summit is that the days of doing something in isolation are gone - even in the traditional world of Project and Portfolio management. I believe that Microsoft wants to ‘pull’ people from working in isolation and create a work ecosystem through O365.

As a Microsoft partner, specialized in Project Online, I would like to stay informed, form an opinion about and generate value for my customers. The days of ‘doing something with Project Online’ and maybe ‘create a few interfaces’ are over. The Microsoft ecosystem is building bridges and how to unlock the value of PowerBI, Planner, Teams, Delve and Yammer? Too much? It can be. For people. Limiting factors such as our 8sec attention span, the unwillingness to change and doing things in isolation seem to be a constant when implementing new solutions (even if they make your life easier).

That is exactly where the added value of partners such as Odysseus comes from. Taking complex business challenges and enabling technology to create solutions that people can work with on a daily basis. Clear business objectives and benefits, good practices, and change management activities are key. Throw in some humor, transparency and genuine interest in each other and you have the ingredients for a great solution and ongoing customer journey.

Want to know how Odysseus can help your organisation to unlock the potential of Microsoft’s ecosystem through the lens of Portfolio management? Let’s chat and  have some coffee, tea or caramels together.