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Project Status app - ServiceNow ITBM


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Meet Joe - a Project Manager in a technology-oriented company. He currently manages 5 projects in HR domain and his project team ranges from 5-15 people per project. One of his biggest operational challenges is to anticipate and manage risks and provide a timely status update on his project to his stakeholders.


Now let's introduce Sonia. She is the most important stakeholder for Joe as she is the Portfolio Manager for the HR domain. Her biggest challenge is to get a timely concise view and get up to date status information of HR projects.


The company recently rolled out ServiceNow ITBM and its PPM module within IT and HR Business units. The users are up and running in using the new system and are reaping benefits by managing Projects, Portfolios, and creating and sharing Project Status Reports in ServiceNow.

The PMO team is in the process of exploring ServiceNow's Project Status Report mobile app. They believe that this app will create a lot of values for the PPM community and with the right reasons. With the expert consultants from Odysseus Group, the app has been enhanced to allow users to create and edit Status Reports.

Reason 1: Manage RIDAC and most impotant Status Reports right from the app.

The 48 second video is here (also found below this article):

As you can use, Joe can open his projects and can create (RIDAC) Risks, Issues, Decisions, Actions and Change Request. He can also create Status Report and can use voice command from his phone instead of typing in the full text. This gives a lot of flexibility to Joe as he can now focus on keeping his stakeholders informed and engaged with timely creation of project RIDAC and Status Report.

Note: the default app doesn't allow to create and edit status report. The app has been enhanced to include the functionality.

Reason 2: Increated Collaboration from Project Stakeholders.

The 30 second video is found here (also found below):

The recent version of the app also allows stakeholders to collaborate on the project by posting comments and allowing to attach docuemnts, photos and also take photos right from the app.

Reason 3: Increase visibility with reports


You can also add reports and Performance Analytics widgets to the app's landing page to enhance the user's experience. Think about Sonia's desire to get a timely and consice view of the her projects in the app. With most important KPIs available in the app, Sonia can stay connected to her Projects and take timely action as needed.

Are you as excited as we are with the ServiceNow possibilities on the mobile platform? If so, connect with us for a chat.