Odysseus takes the COVID-19 response of ServiceNow to a higher level.
Remco Komen
Business Process Consultant & ServiceNow ITBM lead

Odysseus takes the COVID-19 response of ServiceNow to a higher level.


The ServiceNow response

During the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, ServiceNow quickly reacted to offer services that can help companies in these testing times.

For existing ServiceNow customers a wide range of applications are offered. Examples are:

  • Contact Tracing apps
  • Health screening features
  • Apps and dashboards to support the safe re-opening of workplaces.

On the dedicated sections of the ServiceNow company website, there is a large number of offerings for customers and others can benefit from it.

ServiceNow ITBM Campaign

Apart from these offerings ServiceNow also started an IT Business Management (ITBM) COVID-19 Response campaign on May 22nd. This campaign is focussed on customers who are not already using ITBM to provide them with a quick start trial instance to better manage their projects and business through COVID-19 and beyond. 

The overall lifecycle supported within ServiceNow's ITBM module is demonstrated below.


The campaign will run till September 30th, 2020.

This offer is supported by the ecosystem of ServiceNow Partners. Odysseus is one of those valued partners in the ITBM area and as such able to leverage the quick start and set up the trial for current and potential ITBM customers.

Three use cases are highlighted for the COVID-19 response campaign.

  • Capture the voice of the employee and customers. Part of the Demand module in the overall lifecycle as shown in the diagram above. Users are able to create demands, which are directly earmarked as COVID-19 initiatives.
  • Prioritize your initiatives. Part of the Portfolio module. This use case is directed towards the assessment of different initiatives.
  • Track and deliver your COVID-19 work. Part of the project execution in Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid form.


We at Odysseus believe that these use cases are always part of any ITBM implementation, so we are well-positioned to set up ServiceNow ITBM quickly to realize the benefits for customers.


Odysseus’ proposal

Since these times raise problems and issues which are not common in normal times, companies need to be flexible and be able to solve those issues for which there are no standard solutions. Input from everyone is therefor valuable and necessary. At the same time days contact with customers and employees is organized differently so we think that to have their voices heard we need to make it as easy as possible for everyone to have their voices heard.

Based on the use case “Capture the voice of the employee and customer” in the ServiceNow ITBM Campaign, Odysseus has created two solutions that facilitate this.

  • A mobile app that allows not-experienced users to enter demands and suggestions.
  • A virtual agent that can be implemented on different platforms to capture.


Part of the Odysseus’ solution is of course that entries are labeled as specific COVID-19 demands, such that those can be followed up in the same way as in the other COVID-19 campaign use cases.

Do you want to know more about our created solutions to capture the voice of your employee and customer? Contact us by mail or give us a call.

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