Orlando calling
Sankhadeep Dhar
ServiceNow ITBM expert & Power BI / Tableau designer

Orlando calling


If you are wondering about the upcoming Orlando ITBM features for ServiceNow, this blog is a good starting point. Orlando release is right around the corner and if you want to know more about what ServiceNow has to offer on PPM and ITBM as a whole, drop me a note and I will be happy to walk you through.

I have listed the key features in this blog - Orlando features you would want to know about for your next conversation with your stakeholders on your organization's PPM and ITBM implementation roadmap.

Program Status Report

One of the nicest feature from PPM was also sought after by many customers. When you create a program status report, it will display the rolled up status of the underlying projects. If you don't want a project's status to rollup to the Program's status report, you can exclude it exclude it using Show on Program Status Report on the Project's Preferences tab.



Convert RIDAC Entities

This feature allows to convert Risk --> Issues --> Decision --> Action --> Request Changes for Demands and Projects. In each of the RIDAC records, related link 'Convert to RIDAC' is now visible. Clicking on it will allow to convert a Risk for example to Issue, Decision, Action or Request Change. Addition options include: change the Short Description, Assigned to and Closing the original item.


Thing to notice is that you can convert the same item to multiple other RIDAC entities.


CostPlanBatchOperations API

If you are like me who deals with a lot of integrations and data migrations, then this API will be your new friend. This API is a much faster option to bulk create cost plans. So instead of going through the normal import set and transform maps route, you could use this new API to create cost plans in a much faster and efficient manner (I am hoping that ServiceNow will keep offering similar API for other elements too - for example expense lines)

CostPlanBatchOperations.add(): Adds cost plans to the queue. These are waiting to be inserted.

CostPlanBatchOperations.process(): This method inserts the cost plans to the instance.


JIRA Integration for Agile Dev

Yes! This is finally here. This is a bi-directional integration of JIRA and Agile Dev2.


Customer Project Management

This is yet another example of the power of the platform and how integrated applications are in ServiceNow. Customer Project Management is an integration of the CSM application to the PPM application. This provides feature to create project and project tasks for customer accounts and then provide end users the visibility to these items. This topic deserves a blog on its own - so stay tuned.


So thats all for now. If you found this blog helpful and insightful, please share and comment.