How to turn good ideas into great ideas?
Sander Bots
Expert in edison365, Microsoft Teams/Project/Power BI, Smartsheet & Meisterplan

How to turn good ideas into great ideas?


In recent times where the Corona virus is hitting organizations harder and harder each day, it’s critical to listen to the great ideas your employees have. This will help you to stay in business, or even improve and expand it. But who do you get all these great ideas visible and how can you motivate your employees to share them? edison365ideas is the answer to this question!

As explained in an earlier blog, edison365ideas is an innovation solution build within the Microsoft Office365 platform. It enables you to benefit from all the ideas which live in the organization but which aren’t visible. Edison365ideas allows employees to contribute ideas for your business at any time, from anywhere and on any device. Making ideas visible to everyone in the organization will open up the discussion and collaboration which will increase engagement. Good ideas become great ideas! By turning on the gamification option of edison365ideas it even becomes fun!

How does it work?

There are couple steps in order to get the most out of edison365ideas. First is to set up challenges to which you’d like your employees to contribute to. A good example is a challenge on how to improve employee motivation during Corona. Other examples can be regarding new product ideas or how to improve our services.


Once the challenge is set, your employees can start submitted ideas against it. Submitting ideas is easily done via a simple from in which the idea gets a title and a description. edison365 has the capability to search for similar ideas, so if it already exists you can contribute to that one as well.


Once the idea has been submitted, it’s open for discussion. This allows your employees to contribute to the idea via a Yammer feed and improve the idea. Next to this, people can vote on the idea if they like it. Both increases the engagement of employees, but even more beneficial, it gives an insight on what really lives within the organization.

After a while when the ideas start dropping in, it’s time to score and rank them. In order to do this, you need some criteria such as cost, risk, impact, benefits, etc. Edison365 allows you to do this by using a triage mechanism. By requesting multiple people to review the ideas individually a weighted average score will allow you to make proper decisions on which idea should be followed-up.


After scoring the ideas it’s time to award the best ideas and convert them into projects. The follow up of projects can off course also be done by using the edison365 suite.

What about gamification?

I already mentioned it briefly, but edison365ideas comes with a gamification. This allows you to award points for each action taken in the application.  For example submitted an idea gives you point, but viewing and scoring them as well. In the end you can award medals (or even real prices) to drive collaboration and increase engagement.


The challenging times we currently face should not only be perceived as bad. It can also open up a lot of potential which is already available in the organization. Edison365ideas will help you open up that potential and might even make your business stronger than ever before!

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