ServiceNow New York and ITBM

ServiceNow New York and ITBM


ServiceNow recently made New York available in Personal Developer Instance. From my perspective, the new features are definitely in the right direction and makes the ITBM suite even more appealing for customers.

Before I begin, here is the important bit....The ideas, views and opinions expressed here represent my own views and not those of any of my current or previous employer or LinkedIn.

1. Financial Modelling: I started working on Financial Modelling since the last couple of months and was already impressed with the features of London and Madrid. With New York although there are no new prescriptive models (there is one if you get the Financial Management for SPM plugin installed), one feature which I found very interesting was the ability to initiate (the allocation engine) all the steps of the Financial Modelling workbench (cleansing, bucketing and allocating) from the click of a button - Allocate Expense, from within the cost model definition itself.
2. Investment Funding Application: This is a completely new application in New York and is used to fund investments using a variety of methods - top-up, bottom-down and continuous options.
3. Now we can convert Ideas directly to story, epic or a project.
4. A new financial baseline is created for both Demand and Project when a demand is converted to a project. We can create a demand task - essentially allows to book time against demands.
5. The project execution type (waterfall, agile, hybrid) now impacts the related lists available for projects. The upgrade process will update the executing type (other than Hybrid, Agile or custom). Check the release notes for full details.
6. Resource Plan costs are updated when the rates are updated in the rate model. Woohoo!!
7. Ability to override rates from rate model or rate card in the resource plans using Rate override and Resource rate fields.
8. New read only roles for PPM and Business Stakeholder roles who can approve Demands and Time Cards.
9. Introduce Information Portfolio in APM. This has its own section in the APM home page as well.
10. Performance Analytics Dashboards: Now we have the ability to select multi-values in the breakdown filters. I had a few customers already asking this and I am so happy the feature is finally introduced.

That's all for now. I hope you found this article helpful and is as excited as I am with ServiceNow's New York release and ITBM.