The suggestion box is dead, long live the suggestion box!
Sander Bots
Expert in edison365, Microsoft Teams/Project/Power BI, Smartsheet & Meisterplan

The suggestion box is dead, long live the suggestion box!


You used to see a suggestion box in every organization. Everybody used to wonder whether anybody ever put anything in them. And even more whether anybody ever checked whether anything had been submitted. That time has come and gone, and suggestion boxes are a relic of the past. This is actually quite a shame since employees usually have the best ideas. So how can an organization gather these ideas and convert them to opportunities?

edison365ideas can help! edison365ideas is an idea and innovation management solution within the Office365 platform. It combines elements of, for instance, SharePoint, Yammer, Delve and PowerBI. It enables an organization to actively involve employees to generate and develop ideas through crowdsourcing. It facilitates the process of registering, scoring and selecting ideas in a straightforward manner.

Idea generation can be done in two ways within edison365. Employees can submit their ideas and categorize them or add them to the strategic goal it contributes to. It is also possible to start challenges where you can challenge employees to generate ideas concerning a specific topic or goal within a certain timespan.

When an idea is submitted, it's instantly visible to everyone within the organization. edison365 enables employees to vote for or comment on each other's ideas. It is accessible to everyone and people can start adding to and collaborating on ideas from different points of view.


edison365 ideas


After the ideas have been registered and enriched, the process of scoring and selection continues. edison365 supports this process in various ways. Employees can vote for each other's ideas. This lets people see what the hot topics are within the organization. Additionally, ideas can be scored. Ideas are then triaged individually based on various criteria. Criteria can include categories like feasibility, impact, benefits, costs, risks etc. Letting different stakeholders with different points of view score the ideas helps you to get a weighted average score. This weighted average score then supports decision making on which ideas should be promoted to a business case or project.


edison365 ideas triage


Once the scoring has been completed it is possible to promote ideas to a business case or project within the other solutions in the edison365 suite. These solutions will be addressed in later blogs.

Where the suggestion box used to be seen as a silly gimmick, the edison365ideas solution provides a visible, user friendly and also accessible alternative. Whether it's about generating ideas for new products, process optimization or software enhancements, the possibilities within edison365ideas are endless!